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BioData 0f Juliana
Nick: Wennz / Nina / Ju / AhNia
D0B: 26 January
Age: 22
Email: ju-nina88@live.com
Horoscope: Aquarius
Zodic: Rabbit
Occupation: GirlFriend,Tan Tock Seng Hospital (PSA)

Ƥersoиalιty ♥ çhäяäç†єя
» I'm kinda .
» I'm kinda simple lady, but Dear say I'm special..
» & An†i-Social, bu† Dear say I'm no† †oo bad A††i†ude & An†i-Social.
» I'm kinda mood swing, but Dear say I'm not too mood swing.
» I'm kinda emotional & emo, but Dear say I'm not that emotional & emo.
» I'm kinda BLS[blur-like-sotong], but Dear say I'm not that BLS.
» I'm kinda Sensitive, but Dear say I'm not that Sensitive..
» I'm kinda Bad-Temper, but Dear say I'm not that Bad-Temper.
» I'm kinda person that Treated nice "Friends",only if you treated me Well..
» I'm kinda Remember those who HURT me, damn Badly.

Favourite, Hates.
»»»»»»»»»» "Likes" updated on 01Mar' 2010...
Ice LemonTea, GreenTea, PeachTea, RootBeer
»» TattyBear(me2you)
»» Music, surfing online, online games(especially FB)
»» Cycling, Playing Badminton, Volleyball
»» Designing[anything that is related to "DESIGN"]
»» Movie/Shopping with Dear/Friends

updated on 01 March' 2010...
01. cσρʏcαтƨ
02. ℓιαя, 两头蛇
03. нʏρσcяιтιɛƨ, 泼妇[bitch]
04. вαcκƨтαввɛя
05. ɢαƨитɛяƨ[вɛиɢ,ℓιαи,ƨɛиɢ,нʋι]
06. ғℓιятιɛ, ιяяιтαтιиɢ ρɛσρℓɛ
07. αcт cнισ, αcт 可爱

Memories To Be Kept!!

Attrach to Mr. Lionel Tan on 02.05.2006
Memories that we have for the past 4yrs 2months.
Anniversary: 4yrs
1st met: ITE College West Ang Mo Kio
Being together since 02 May'2006 @ 10pm, after sentosa activity with friends. First Dating simply just both of us, at dating place »»»» Plaza Singapura.

We being together since 020506... We've being through all kinds of
happiness, sadness, frustration, emotion
and problems that is obstructed us for the past years... We've also Forgives & Forgets...
simply just to maintain this relationship. »»»»»» Boyfriend, thanks for giving me such a
"blissfully love" that I ever once wanted from.

Cяäv¡иg ƒöя ツ
Get in the Poly I wanted
Going Oversea [as and when I want to]
Getting a $1.3k and above salary[Full-timer@TTSH]
Moving OUT of the "нσмɛ"
LASIK & Lasner Vision Correction
∂яιvιиɢ ℓιcɛиcɛ
Having the chance to be drive out to anywhere by Dear
иσтɛвσσκ[Laptop Pink X110 LG]
иσκια E72 / Samsung σмиια ρяσ B7330 / вℓαcκвɛяяʏ вσℓ∂
More Burberry[wallet/bag], Perlini[wallet/bag], Gucci[wallet/bag]
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Purchase Photobucket
Stable Full Time Job[??nursing??], [??interactive media??], [??Admin??]
Stable Full Time Job
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05/01 - Dear's 27th Birthday
11/01 - My NS bro's 21st Birthday
24/01 - 28/01 - 23rd Birthday @ Bangkok

02/02 - LNY Eve
03/02 - 07/02 - LNY ChuYi - ChuWu
14/02 - Valentine's Day

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1. 林俊傑 J J Lin - 背對背擁抱
2. 楊丞琳 ~ Yu Ai
3. No Secrets ~ I'll Remember You
4. Show ~ 愛不單行
5. 何維健 ~ 变化
6. 郭靜 ~ 心牆
7. Cruel Temptation
8. 林俊杰 J J Lin ~ 第几个100天
9. 龚芝怡 ~ 明知我爱你
10. Leona Lewis ~ I See You
11. 龚芝怡 ~ 在我左右

Movie....Step Up3D and Grown Up

Dear wanted to watch movie, so we went have movie on Friday. Suppose to be meeting Ayu, Nurul, Suyin, Kaya & Shasi to go Geylang (those malay shopping pasamalan).

At first, we went to Expo. Suppose to go and see NATAS Tour Fair. But cause needed to pay $4 for admission fee. In the end, we only take the flyer, and leave the place. And we went to Bugis, went to walk around. We went to Bugis Junctions, and bought myself a key pouch.

Grown Ups
Saturday (28 August' 10) not working, so decided to go and catch a movie, so we went to Vivo City. And we buy ticket. And we went to have our early dinner 1st, we went to BeiShanChuan to have buffet. Heehee. And went to catch our movie. Haha, it a nice show. Funny too. Heehee. Back home after that. And off to bed. Too tired liao.

Step Up 3D
Monday (30 August' 10), I finish work at 5pm. And Dear fetching me after work. And gave me a bad news. Guess what?? Haiix, he has being ask to start work at Pepper Lunch tomorrow(31.08.10). Haiix. So he accompany me yesterday on movie and dinner. Movie at Plaza Singapura (The Cathay). And watch Step Up 3D. hmmmm, it not a waste of money. Great. And have dinner at Food Court. I have Pepper Lunch, while Dear has a bowl of Dumping Soup, and his Cendol.

Off to Cathay, and bought ticket. And went up to the empty seats for waiting, and I took an hour of nap. And woke up, went to watch movie. After movie is about 9plus, and we took bus back home. Last movie Dear spend with me. After so many months no movie accompany from him...
Written @Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Online shopping sprees.... & my bro...

My Bro... Back from Army Camp

Online shopping, bought all this item.... It's MINE!!!
Written @Monday, August 23, 2010
Life at TTSH!!!

After so many days my blog turn mouldy now I shall update abit of what is happening to me. But don't be surprise, cause I din know my days are behaving like this. As you know, now I'm not student anymore, and now I'm working at TTSH as Patient Service Associate. And I'm experience the world of how people's act. And definitely I'm not use to all this people. Although I'm use to my work flow. And I roughly know what should I being doing. And I felt happy knowing my work flow, and waiting to be knowledge by "Clinic Manager". But as I say, there are people behind stabbing you, and you din notice it.

But when you know this particular person don't like you, you will react. And you know she don't like you, in the sense of the way they reply your questions, or the way they look at you. And this happen to me. And seriously I know who dislike me, who are nature. And eventually, I also don't like this person. And I will try my best not to talk to this people who I don't like, or they don't like. And that's my attitude.

If you think that, you're so clever, then jointly well go and find those people who think you're right, but eventually sometime you're wrong. Cause from what I know from other seniors who guide and teach me, they are telling me the right way. But the way you have given, might not be the correct 1. But even if, it's not right, you will still say it not your fault. And push the blames to others. From what I see. And seriously I don't like. And for me is, you're right mean you're right. If you think you're wrong, mean you're wrong. There isn't anything to argue. But sadly to say, I work here, I know who are the right person to look for if you don't know anything, or you not sure of anything.

And this company, has their misunderstanding. And due to this misunderstanding, it created more and more misunderstanding. And it happen to my seniors. As for me, haha. Very simple 1, after working with this person for long, and the way they talk, or their attitude, I already don't like liao. So for me, once I don't like this person, I will not be nice to this person. And for sure. That's me!!!

I have been working at this company for about 3mth 7days. And I could see all kind of faces, and if I don't like this person, I will not want to sit together with that person. For sure!!! This few days, my mood to work, was okie. But when I step in the clinic, see those people I don't like, my mood gone down half liao. haiix. Then if that day, got unhappy thing happen, even more worst. Gone to the bottom. But haven throw the temper out til there yet. Still got abit of limit. But I think, soon or later, I'll go berserk 1....
Written @Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Dating & Dinner with Dear!!!

New cap I bought.
Yesterday, 14 August'2010.... Dear wanted to go out again. And thought of watching movie. But asking me to ask Sharon whether she sure want to watch movie?? But I din, I kept quiet. And I ignore him. Chasing him to go and bath, if he still want to go out. But I shoot him back with a question, that he couldn't answer me. Guess what?? I say "Can't we have just 2 of us?? Is it going out together you will die??" and he say, can can. And he kept quiet and went to bath.

After he bath come out, I went to bath. And we leave the house is about evening time 6pm. Haha, As usual of what I did yesterday. And went out. We went to mrt, board the train. And suddenly thinking of where are we going?? ION Orchard?? Suntec?? Vivo?? In the end, we took the train to Vivo City. And went to Standard Charteded Bank, to help my dad with authorize thing, but was not success, but we get another form, and bring back to let my dad sign.

He's wearing my cap.
Suddenly, we have a BIG quarrel. Cause of what dinner we are thinking to have. At first, Dear thinking of eating the Garuda Padang Cuisine. But I see the menu, still okie, but the price?? And I told him, how much will it be?? And I told him that, they previously have buffet style. And wanted him to ask, and check with them. But cause he insist saying that they din place the poster or banner, mean no more. But I insist him, to ask. And I shouted at him, "You and your Bro is the same. Will never want to open your "jing kou"!!" And walk off....

I feel angry, upset. And walk off. Walk around, and went out the the vivo, sitting alone looking at the sea. And he couldn't find me. And I ignore his call.... Til I cool down, and walk back to vivo, and sitting at a seat watching the drums band perform.

He came, and cool me down, and we went to have our dinner. Haiix, but still thinking of what to have for dinner. Is so "headache" lorx. Finally, we in the end, went to the Garuda Padang Cuisine for dinner. And we see what we could order, and we place order, and we spend $45.85 on our dinner over there. Their food still okie, but only 1 thing not good, is their service. All the waitresses is not good, but manager service is good.
what is this drawing??
Could you see,
This is what we have order, and it costs this much. But still worth it. The rice can refill till you are really full, and couldn't continue any more. hmmm, after dinner, went to walk around, went to Daiso. and bought some of my stuffs. And also bought a plain black cap. At first was thinking to give my NS bro, but haha after I trying wearing it. And feel comfortable. And decided, if bro don't want, I will take it, and design my own. So I reach home, and show bro, and ask him. haha, he don't mind sharing with me. heehee. And we decided to design. And the person who draw, of course is not me!!! It Dear who will help me draw. hehee...
Written @Sunday, August 15, 2010

我恨你!! 我恨死你!!
我恨你!! 我恨死你!!
我恨你!! 我恨死你!!
我恨你!! 我恨死你!!
我恨你!! 我恨死你!!
答应我带我出国. 但是不是带我去我要的曼枯, 我开开心心的上网看价钱, 到最后告诉我去 Batam. Again go Batam, if not Malaysia. Again and again!!! Everytime, holdiay is either go Batam if not Malaysia. You has nothing romantic, or something special for us. You couldn't create something that is memories. Every holiday go this either 2places, I go til I feel boring liao lorx.

Make me angry, and now come in and tell me, December then go Thailand(Bangkok). I think by that time, you will also tell me, sorry cannot go. No money. Cannot go Bangkok. Giving me excuse that, don't know how to go that place, still want to go?? Want to go also has to find people who goes there often, and know where are the places to go. I feel like shouting at you, we can find maps, or direction. But.... in the end, you could say this to me. I'm the 1 who 放飞机, I'm the 1 who spoilt your PLAN!!! What PLAN you have??? This is not PLAN!!!. This is what you say, you want, I must FOLLOW!!!
Is you making my day today is SUX!!!

Dear, I really hate you!!! You never keep your promises. You're the 1 who break your promises to me, and You're the 1 who 放飞机. Not me!!! I happily waiting for this holiday faster come. So that I can go holiday to enjoy. But in the end, it was you who spoilt my mood, my day. If you couldn't kept your promise, then at first you shouldn't has promise me, and now in the end, you break my hopes.
I hate you!!! Hate you breaking your promises one by one, again and again. I hate you!!!
Written @Saturday, August 14, 2010
Dinner & Dating...

He is there for me!!!
Today take leave, and so boring staying at home, plus the weather today not that good, cause it rain. It good for me, cause I could sleep til as and when I want to wake up. Haha, so I sleep in this cool weather, and woke up at about 2pm. While Dear still sleeping. Cause he came back home this morning at about 4am in the morning, and went out again at about 8plus, to pass some document to colleague.

So he went off again, and back home about 11plus, and went to sleep. I woke up, and surfing FB, and playing with my games. Til about 2.30pm, I wake Dear up. Giving him another 30min of sleep, and has to wake up and get ready to go out. So I went to bath, while I pass Dear some of my dad's credit document, asking him to help me call up to the bank, and check on some detail.
Hmmm, after I came out from the toilet. I get ready, do necessary thing. Apply tones, moisture, put on make-up. Til Dear went to bath, and come out, and we went out. Went to suntec city, went to find the standard chartered bank, and help my dad to change password. And also check with them on certain thing. And went to walk around. Suddenly, Sharon message up, asking me "want come stc walk walk, got ahma and later mama come meet us." 
I replied: I already at stc. 
She reply: huh?? For?? With?
I replied: Lionel.
She reply: Den we meet together? Haha.
Zhi Bai....
And I called up. After leave the bank. Thinking of what should Dear and I have for our lunch?? And called up Sharon, and we ask her, want to eat Sakae Sushi with us?? Or want to eat Siam Kitchen Buffet??? Haha, Ahma rather have Sakae Sushi then having Siam Kitchen. So we agree to meet at Marina Square Sakae Sushi.

So Dear and I went off, to meet them. But when we reach there, their tea time buffet already over. Haiix, sian. So we called up and went to Orchard Central. Hmmm, and meet them at CityHall Mrt, and went took mrt to Somerset.

Full of sushi on the table!!
Haha, went to check which level is Sakae Sushi, and we went up to level 6, and we have our seats, and we place order, look at the photo I'm uploading, and see how much we have eat....
Manage to finish!!!!
Our dinner at Orchard Central... And we having fun eat and eat. Eat non-stop til we couldn't continue anymore. Heehee... As usual, I have some random snap shot on them...heehee. That's my habit. But only to people I close and feel comfortable with. Not like some, in TTSH. I seldom will take photo. But only my "Kakis" and my Sassy Girlfriend. heehee...
Sharon, busy with the Brownie Ice Cream.
That's their random photo. heehee... but only 1, but suppose to take a couple photo, but she busy with that brownie ice cream.
Written @Friday, August 13, 2010
Online Shopping.... + Confirmation on 11 Aug' 2010

Online Shopping.....
12-color EyeShadow
MAC Comestic
Have been surfing net, and was looking, and see see... And find all this, I might be buying. Haha, it online buying, cheap also. Haha... but thinking.... Should I buy or not?? So in the end, I'm buying all this. Haha... Don't be surprise. Love shopping. Singapore is so small, and I could hardly find something I like, just happen that, online blogshop happen to have this, which I find them not bad, so consider of buying them. heehee...

Gucci Tote Bag
Ever since I started work at TTSH, I realise that, this working colleague some isn't what I expected. And getting to realise, what am I working for?? Money for Future?? Or making friends?? Trying my best to be nice to people. Trying to be cheerful, active. But from what others people has shown me,  I realise that, I shouldn't be doing this. I should be what I am. I don't has to bother what they are thinking. Cause now, I'm only simply earning for living. For my future. So I don't think I will bother them.

Although in this clinic, got some are truly nice colleague. And I appreciate. Seriously I appreciate. Especially, Nurul**, Junaidah**, Idayu**, Kaya**, Shasi**, Sobana**, Rasidah**, Suyin**, FuLi, Nadiah, Suyani, Nelly, Siya**, ShiHui, XinHui, Fion, Shermin, Cheryl, Mindy, En, Christian, Sajini**, Rosemega(maybe she is true??), Suping, Tang, LiNan, ShuJuan, Jacqueline.
** But the best, is Nurul, Junaidah, Ayu, Kaya, Shasi, Rasidah, Suyin, Sajini, Sobana, Siya. (All this are "Kakis").

From what I could remeber, this people are truly and are purely nice. Not like others, having their motive to be nice. Some even can pretend. I really don't know what should my working attitude going to be?? After working for 3months, "kakis" group Sobana, Shasi is leaving. And in another month time, they are leaving. Haiix. Upset honestly, but I could understand why. But what could we do??? No body is willing to help. All only care for their own. I sometime don't find there is any good reason that should continue staying. Seriously. From the deep bottom of my heart. I don't find there is a need to continue is this place. If there isn't anybody is truly, purely and willing to help you. haiix.

Tomorrow is my 3months of Training in TTSH, and I'm going to be confirm. But I'm thinking should I get confirm?? Cause I'm thinking of maybe I finding another job, or get transfer... haiix. But... I'm still thinking... still searching....
Written @Tuesday, August 10, 2010
Shasi Kala, Adrian & 45th Birthday Singapore

Happy Birthday to Adrian & Shasi.

Celebrating Shasi's Birthday after work at Our Clinic 4A. A simple, surprise birthday party organise by us. Buying a small birthday present, and also a small cake, that enough for us to share amoung. And she is so happy to see this surprise, and present.

Saturday, 7August'10. went to Adrian's 21st Birthday party at Coast Sand Chalet. He order catering. And I finish work, went off. And was there waiting for hrs. hmmm, by 6.15pm, we went to the chalet and find him, and chit-chat awhile. Have our food, watching tv, at about 9plus, he cut cake, and being sabo til omg!!!.

Nothing special. Buy him a small present, and went to his birthday chalet, and went back home. Xiuting's dad send us back home. And I continue using my FB. hmmm, Long weekends, but boring. No money, couldn't go anywhere, can only stay at home. Ends of my Saturday. Sunday?? Also staying at home. Playing my FB again.

09 August' 2010 (Monday)....
45th Singapore!!
It's National Day, it Singapore's 45th Birthday. And it another peaceful year for Singapore.
Hopes for more peace, for the future. Wishes all Singaporean stay healthy & peace.

Tomorrow, going back to work. Haiix. How I wish for a long holiday. Haiix. I wish not to work. And could be at home, to have my peaceful day. Going back to work, seeing all those irritating people, I really hate working, with all this people. Acting "clever", whereby they themselves don't even do thing right, and even can blames on other people. Fark!! Irritating people. I think maybe tolerate for another 2-3yrs, I will change another job. Will not want to continue work at there. Hopping that, they can disappear for their own.
Written @Friday, August 6, 2010
Happy Birthday Idayu.

Happy Birthday Idayu
TODAY is SUX!!! I HATE TODAY!!! For nothing, I kanna shouted. I has my own things to do, not only just to cover for your!!! I feel your ar too much, take things for granted. Your has your things, so am I. But why can't I do my things just like you???

I can understand, that when you are hungry, you tend to ask people to be faster. But has your think for others?? She also has her other assignment to do.... Not only that particular thing, she MUST do!!!
Fark!!! I should be the 1 to scold, not YOU!!! I'm not the 1 who is WRONG!!!!
Written @Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Taiwan Storms Show @11pm(Channel 8)!!!

Omg!!! This show taiwan storm show, is nice but that beast, bastard Huang Wenting is a really a beast. Fark!!! How can this kind of person. How I wish this kind of person become "taijian"... Omg!!!
Written @Monday, June 21, 2010